CATS Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Intercollegiate athletics places unusual demands on student-athletes. Athletic and academic interests compete for the student-athlete’s time, energy, and attention. The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) of the University of Kentucky believes that colleges and universities can and must provide the opportunity for student-athletes to be both successful students and fulfilled athletes.

The University of Kentucky SAAC is the student-athlete organization that represents the student-athletes at the University of Kentucky. The SAAC seeks to ensure that the University of Kentucky Department of Athletics provides each sport and every student-athlete with a quality environment and the essentials to be competitive as a student-athlete and a team.

Further, the SAAC attempts to ensure that the UK Department of Athletics creates an honest and holistic environment that places the student-athletes’ welfare as the central focus of the process—a process that provides each student-athlete the opportunity to learn how to be successful athletically, academically and personally with the objective of each student-athlete improving his or her post-college quality of life.

The mission of the University of Kentucky Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is:

A. To provide support, leadership and direction to the student- athletes at the University of Kentucky.
B. To cultivate and improve the opportunities for athletic and academic achievement and personal growth for UK student-athletes.
C. To enhance communication between the student-athletes and the UK athletic administration and coaches.
D. To serve as an advisory source to the Director of Athletics regarding any student-athlete concerns.

2022-23 SAAC Members

Name Team
Alex Degen BASE
James McCoy BASE
Eli Cox FB
Izayah Cummings FB
Carrington Valentine FB
Raina Albores (President) GYM
Jillian Procasky GYM
Brennan Canada MBB
CJ Fredrick MBB
Amadou Thiero MBB
Andrew Clark MGOLF
Campbell Kremer MGOLF
Ben Damge (Vice President) MSOC
Martin Soereide MSOC
Sam Duncan MSWIM / DIVE
Jackson Mussler MSWIM / DIVE
Alex Leblanc MTN
Tate Sandman MTN
Langston Jackson MTRK
Beck O’Daniel MTRK
Aaron Withrow MTRK
Ali Buesseler RIFLE
Richard Clark RIFLE
Jaden Thompson RIFLE
Erin Coffel SB
Kayla Kowalik SB
Rachel Hammond STUNT
Hannah Hohn STUNT
Eleanor Beavin VB
Maddie Berezowitz VB
Elise Goetzinger VB
Blair Green WBB
Nyah Leveretter WBB
Laney Frye (Secretary) WGOLF
Marta Lopez Echevarria WGOLF
Tallulah Miller WSOC
Anna Young WSOC
Sofie Davis WSWIM / DIVE
Kaitlyn Wheeler (Historian) WSWIM / DIVE
Ellie Eades WTN
Elizabeth “Lizzy” Stevens WTN
Bryanna Lucas WTRK
DeAnna Martin WTRK
Phoebe McCowan WTRK