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UK Athletics tickets are mobile for all home events! You’ll be able to avoid will call lines and waiting for tickets to arrive in the mail, enjoy quick and contactless entry into venues and easily access and transfer tickets to friends or family, all from your mobile device.

NEW FOR 2023, UK Athletics has implemented SafeTix as an additional feature on mobile tickets. Be sure to review the SafeTix section below for important details about this security enhancement. With SafeTix, screenshots will not be accepted for entry.

Also NEW for 2023, self-service pedestal scanners will be added to most Kroger Field entrances. Check out this article about how to use them!

»»» Having issues adding tickets to your wallet, or getting a “Pass Disabled” message? Please see the SafeTix section below for troubleshooting tips.

iPhone & Android users will need to check that their app is up to date. You can check for updates in the App Store or Google Play store.

Please also note that the first login page on the app is for your app profile. To access your tickets, you will need to select the ticket tab from the home screen and then ‘Manage My Tickets’.

All tickets will be mobile and no physical ticket books will be printed. Season ticket holders and individual game buyers will use the UK Athletics App to access and manage tickets. Parking passes will also be accessed via mobile delivery.

Scroll down to view information on how to access and transfer your tickets, important tips for game day entry, and frequently asked questions!



New for 2023, UK Athletics has implemented SafeTix as an additional feature on mobile tickets. To fight fraud, Ticketmaster launched SafeTix, which uses an encrypted barcode that automatically refreshes every 15 seconds so the barcode cannot be stolen and used by another fan. Your mobile tickets will now show a unique barcode with a blue line running across it, and they will convert to a tap-and-go ticket when stored in your phone’s digital wallet. The process for accessing mobile tickets has not changed; however, with SafeTix, screenshots or recordings of tickets will no longer work for entry. This enhancement protects against digital tickets being copied and sold multiple times by fraudulent resellers. Fans may still transfer tickets through their accounts and the UK Athletics app.

What will SafeTix™ change about my tickets? Do I need to view my mobile tickets differently?

Accessing your tickets is easy and has not changed! SafeTix™ simply uses encrypted barcodes to make sure that tickets cannot be duplicated. Your mobile tickets will now have a live barcode that will refresh every 15 seconds or so, rather than a QR code.

You will access your mobile tickets the same way as in the past, through the UK Athletics app or by visiting from your phone’s web browser. If you purchased through Ticketmaster, you may still access tickets through or the Ticketmaster app. We strongly encourage everyone to save their tickets to their phone’s wallet app (Apple Wallet or Google Pay) prior to arrival at the venue. 

Why isn't there a barcode when I add my ticket to my phone's wallet?

With SafeTix™, you will not see a barcode when a ticket is stored in your Apple Wallet. These tickets will say “hold near reader” and you’ll simply tap your phone near the ticket scanner to be validated for entry. This type of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology in iPhones eliminates the need for a barcode all together.

Android phones may vary, and you may or may not see a rotating barcode when a ticket is stored in your Google Pay app. If your smart phone does not support NFC technology, it will automatically display the SafeTix™ rotating barcode to be scanned for entry. 

Why am I having trouble adding tickets to my phone's wallet? Why are my wallet tickets showing "Pass Disabled"?

Mobile Ticketing Add to Wallet Update

Ticketmaster has released SafeTix Wallet security enhancements for mobile tickets, which requires Apple devices to be running iOS 16.4 or higher in order to add tickets to your phone’s wallet. Please check your device and update to the latest iOS (Go to Settings > General > Software Update > Verify iOS is up to date).

  • Please also confirm that you have the latest version of the UK Athletics app on your device.
  • SafeTix will require you to complete a one-time action linking your Ticketmaster account to your Apple ID using FaceID or passcode before adding to wallet. Each Ticketmaster account may only be linked to one Apple ID.
  • After linking your accounts, if you receive a “Pass Disabled” message on your mobile tickets in your phone’s wallet, you will need to check to ensure that you have updated your iOS and/or the UK Athletics app to the latest version to resolve. You may also need to delete/remove your mobile tickets from your wallet and re-add them from your account to resolve. If you cannot resolve a “Pass Disabled” or “Pass Activating” message on your wallet tickets, please contact the UK Ticket Office for assistance, as disabled passes will not scan at the venue. Active passes will say “Hold Near Reader”.
  • Other reasons you may see “Pass Disabled” on wallet tickets:
    • You may have purchased a ticket from a third-party platform (i.e. SeatGeek, Vivid Seats, StubHub, etc.) that wasn’t transferred correctly. In this case, you will need to contact the seller you purchased your ticket from.
    • You may be trying to share log-in credentials with a friend or family member. With the wallet security enhancement, once your Ticketmaster account has been linked with your Apple ID, only you can save tickets in your account to your wallet. If you need to share tickets with a friend or family member, use the ticket management features to transfer tickets to them. Once they accept the ticket transfer, they can link their Ticketmaster account to their own Apple ID, allowing them to save tickets to their wallet.
    • Did you purchase single-game tickets through Ticketmaster? Find out more here.
  • SafeTix Wallet enhancements will be rolled out by Ticketmaster to iOS users first, and in the following months, it will be rolled out to Android users. Android devices will need to be running Android 13.0 or higher.

If you receive the following error message, this is an iOS bug that should be fixed by Apple with the release of iOS 17.1 in October 2023:  “Unable to Add Pass. Your pass could not be added to Wallet at this time. Try again later.”

  • If you are just using cellular data, try connecting to Wi-Fi and then adding your tickets to wallet. This has helped in some cases.
  • You may still use your live barcodes from within the UK Athletics App to scan into the venue on gameday. As long as you have used the “Manage My Tickets – Public” connection from within the UK Athletics App to at least VIEW your barcodes ahead of time, they will be cached and you should not need connectivity to view them again on gameday.
Will screenshots work with SafeTix™?

No, SafeTix uses an encrypted barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds. This enhancement protects against tickets being screenshotted or photocopied and sold multiple times by fraudulent resellers. Since the barcodes with SafeTix are constantly refreshing, a screenshot of a mobile ticket cannot be used for entry.

You will need to show the real mobile ticket on your phone for entry. If you would like to give someone else one of your tickets, you can still transfer tickets through your My UK Athletics Account and the UK Athletics app. You will no longer be able to send someone a screenshot of a ticket.

How do I use the pedestal scanners at the gates?

There are two ways to scan your tickets at a pedestal ticket scanner:

  • For tickets saved in your mobile wallet without a barcode (“tap & go” tickets), tap the back of your phone to the icon on the top of the pedestal scanner.
  • For tickets with a dynamic barcode, scan the barcode below the screen on the pedestal.

You can swipe left or right to display and validate additional tickets. Once validated, a welcome message will be clearly shown. Each pedestal will be staffed by a gate attendant for assistance.

***One of the most important and proactive steps you can take to be prepared for the entry process at the gates is to save your mobile ticket to your Apple or Google Pay wallet before arriving at the stadium. This helps to avoid connectivity issues because Wi-Fi is not needed to access tickets once they are stored in your mobile wallet.

Mobile Ticketing Step-by-Step Guides

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Pedestal Scanning Guide

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Pedestal Scanning Guide

How-to Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

All tickets will be distributed via mobile delivery and no physical ticket books will be printed. Season ticket holders and individual game buyers will use the UK Athletics App to access and manage their tickets.  Season ticket holders may also manage their tickets by visiting from their mobile device’s web browser.

Why is UK Athletics utilizing mobile ticketing?

Going mobile is the safest, most convenient and flexible way to receive and manage tickets while increasing protection against fraud. It is part of our continuing effort to make your UK experience the very best. Mobile tickets provide:

  • Reduced risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit or forgotten tickets
  • Quick and contactless entry into the venue
  • The ability to manage, send or sell your tickets at any time from your mobile device
  • Annual cost savings from the move to mobile tickets will be utilized in ways that benefit UK’s 500-plus student-athletes and ensure their continued welfare
How will season parking permits work?

Season parking permits for football and men’s basketball will also be available on your mobile device. Ticket holders with parking permits will be able to access those via the UK Athletics App or by visiting from their mobile device’s web browser, just like tickets. Parking permits will still display a QR code to be scanned for entry.

How will tickets work for away games and special events?

Ticket delivery for away games and special events may vary. Information for each event will be relayed to ticket purchasers prior to the event. Ticket delivery for all 2023 football away games will be mobile. Tickets will be accessed via the UK Athletics App or by visiting from your mobile device’s web browser, similar to tickets for home games. Away game tickets will be available approximately two weeks prior to the event, and purchasers will receive notification by email once tickets are available on your account. Ticket transfer cut-offs will vary and will be communicated to purchasers in advance.

Tickets for Bowl games, Champions Classic, CBS Sports Classic and the Men’s and Women’s SEC Basketball Tournaments will be mobile as well. More information will be communicated closer to the date of the events.

When will my tickets and parking passes be available on my account?

Tickets will be viewable on your account closer to the start of each season. Season ticket holders will be notified by email once tickets and parking passes are available to be managed on your mobile device. As of 8/1/23, football tickets and parking passes for home games are now viewable in your account. If you do not see your football barcodes, please contact us to check the status of your account. We expect men’s basketball tickets to be viewable beginning the week of 10/16/23, followed by women’s basketball tickets the week of 10/23/23.

For football away games and special events, purchasers will receive notification by email once tickets are available on your account (usually two weeks prior to the event).

I've never used My UK Account before. Do I already have an account? Do I need to create one?

If you have purchased tickets of any kind from the UK Athletics Ticket Office, you already have an account in our ticketing system. If you do not know your password or are logging into your My UK Account for the first time, click on “Forgot Password?” to have a temporary password emailed to you. If you do not know the email address associated with your account, need to update your email address or have additional questions, please contact the UK Athletics Ticket Office.

How much does the UK Athletics app cost and where can I find it?

The official UK Athletics mobile app is free! You can download the UK Athletics app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Be sure to update to the most recent version of the app to ensure you are able to utilize all ticket management features.

** Please also note that when you use the app for the first time, you may be prompted to set up an app profile. The app profile is optional and is separate from your ticketing account. 

If I purchased my tickets from Ticketmaster, can I still access them through the UK Athletics app?

Yes, you will be able to access your tickets via the UK Athletics app by entering your email address and Ticketmaster password. Alternatively, you can access via your browser or the Ticketmaster app.

Can I print my tickets from home?

No. UK Athletics continuously strives to implement technological advances to provide our fans with a ticketing experience that is convenient, safe and secure. Print-at-home paper tickets (PDFs) are not accepted at any UK Athletics venue so as to further combat fraud and counterfeiting. Details on how to manage your tickets and utilize the mobile entry options can be found by viewing our digital resources above.

Will a screenshot, photocopy or picture of my ticket be permitted for entry?

No, a real mobile ticket must be provided for entry with SafeTix. Tickets must be accessed either within the official UK Athletics app, your My UK Account on your mobile device or within your phone’s digital wallet to gain entry. Photocopies, screenshots, scans and pictures of hard tickets will not be permitted for entry.

Can I have multiple tickets on a single phone?

Yes, you are able to swipe through your available tickets at the venue if your entire party is present. However, it is much easier to send each attendee their individual ticket.

What if I want to share my tickets with friends, or my entire party is not with me when I am ready to enter the venue?

You can easily share a portion of your tickets with friends! If arriving separately, you can transfer a ticket to each member of your party prior to arriving at the venue. Once your guests have accepted the ticket transfer, they will be able to add the ticket to their phone’s digital wallet. See the step-by-step guide above for more information on ticket transfers within the UK Athletics app. **If you want to transfer multiple games at a time to the same person, visit from your web browser and click “transfer” on the top left, before selecting your events. On the app, you may only transfer one event at a time.

Does the person I transfer tickets to need a My UK Account?

Yes. If they do not already have one, they will create one in the acceptance process.

Can I transfer tickets to someone after the event has started?

Yes, for home events you can transfer tickets up to one hour after the event’s start time. For football away games, ticket transfer cut-offs will vary and will be communicated to purchasers in advance.

What if I do not have a smartphone, or if my phone battery dies on game day?

Please contact the UK Athletics Ticket Office to make alternate arrangements if you do not have a smartphone. Beginning in fall 2023, a ticket printing service fee will apply. For game day issues, visit the ticket office at the venue for assistance. Guests will be required to present a valid ID matching the name on the ticket account.

What if Wi-Fi and/or cellular service is limited at the venue?

To ensure seamless entry we strongly encourage downloading and saving your tickets to your phone’s wallet app (ex. Apple Wallet or Google Pay) prior to arrival at the venue. If you did not download your tickets in advance and are unable to download them at the venue, visit the ticket office with a valid form of photo ID for assistance. To assist with connectivity at Kroger Field, mobile help zones with Wi-Fi access will be in place on the exterior of the stadium. These are located at the guest services locations outside of Gates 1, 4, 9 and 12. Please note that Kroger Field does not have public Wi-Fi access, and cellular provider coverage on game day may be limited. We strongly encourage you to save your tickets in your phone’s wallet app prior to arriving at the stadium.

Important game day entry tips:
  • Arrive early and be sure to download or transfer your tickets prior to arriving at the venue. We highly recommend saving your tickets to your phone’s wallet app (Apple Wallet or Google Pay) to avoid connectivity issues.
  • Be sure your phone is fully charged.
  • Turn your screen brightness all the way up for easier scanning.
  • Have your mobile ticket prominently displayed before approaching the gates or the parking lot.
  • Know how to scan your tickets on the pedestals:
    • Tickets in your wallet without a barcode? Tap the back of your phone to the icon on top of the pedestal.
    • Tickets with a dynamic barcode? Scan the barcode below the screen on the pedestal.
  • Swipe your first ticket to access additional tickets in your account.
  • Visit the Ticket Office or one of the mobile help zones prior to arriving at the gates for additional assistance.
  • At Kroger Field, premium ticket holders in the Longship Club, Central Bank Club and Lexus Loge will also need to present their mobile ticket upon entering their designated club space, in order to receive their respective wristband. Be sure to have your mobile ticket saved in your phone’s digital wallet prior to arriving at the stadium.