“Welcome to the University of Kentucky and to the CATS program. For over 40 years we have provided comprehensive, individualized academic support for our Wildcat student-athletes. Our veteran staff is excited to support you as you transition to the University and work toward achieving your long-term goals and dreams. Go CATS!” —  Dr. Paul Downey, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Academics

CATS Mission


Create an environment where all student-athletes have the opportunity to maximize their academic, personal, and social growth and improve their post-college quality of life.


Facts about CATS


  • The facility boasts 20,000 square feet of space spread across two levels.
  • The computer lab features 37 state-of-the-art computers with universal access to a wide range of software.
  • An inviting study area provides seating for 60 individuals, offering a peaceful and conducive atmosphere for focused work.
  • Additionally, there are 25 private tutor rooms, each equipped with computers and internet access.
  • With more than 1,000 hours of tutoring provided per week, students receive ample support.
  • We employ over 100 tutors each semester to meet the demand for tutoring services.
  • Tutoring sessions are thoughtfully scheduled at the start of each semester, ensuring a proactive approach to academic support.

The CATS Advantage


  • The Center for Academic and Tutorial Services is unique in that it is located in close proximity to the central academic campus. This means that student-athletes have ready access to CATS before, after, and between classes
  • Most universities provide tutors upon request. Usually a student requests a tutor after poor performance in a course. At UK, the advisors examine the student-athlete’s schedule at the beginning of the semester then assign tutors immediately. This can help prevent the student-athlete from falling behind
  • Whereas most universities may have a study table where a tutor meets with a group of students for certain subject needs, CATS provides scheduled 1-on-1 tutor sessions for student-athletes
  • Another CATS Program advantage is that the Jerry Claiborne Study Center allows student-athletes to complete their required quiet study hours anytime during operating hours
  • Student-athletes may make arrangements to use CATS resources during non-working hours
  • CATS has a cadre of mentors, many of whom are retired educators, to assist student-athletes with organizational skills and study strategies.
CATS Mentor

Hours of Operation

  • 8am-10pm Monday through Thursday
  • 8am-5pm on Friday
  • 12pm-10pm on Sunday

Student-athletes may make arrangements to use CATS resources during non-working hours.