Wildcat Wellness Hub

The University of Kentucky Wildcat Wellness Hub is designed to provide an atmosphere to allow our student-athletes achieve success in their personal life, competitive endeavors, environment, and the classroom.  The Wildcat Wellness Hub provides education and direction to our student-athletes in securing available wellness resources.  Examples include mental health, nutrition, substance abuse, along with overall wellness.


Available Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How do I start the process of accessing these resources?
You can always start by speaking with your athletic trainer.  Your athletic trainer can help you schedule appointments with any one of the resources listed on this site, without you having to go into the details regarding your “why”.  You can also schedule directly with any of these resources.  You may find it beneficial to let your athletic trainer know that you are seeking care.

2.    How does my athletic trainer fit into this process?
Your athletic trainer can connect you with every resource listed on this site.  While athletic trainers are NOT mental health professionals, they excel at guiding their athletes to the appropriate providers and making timely referrals.  Please note that athletic trainers are mandatory reporters on this campus, meaning that if you report a crime, they are required to report it to the Campus Security Authority.

3.    Does my coach need to know?
The short answer here is NO.  However, it is often beneficial to let your coach know that you may be struggling in a certain area.  This does not mean you need to go into details of your appointments, etc.  In cases where participation is affected, your coach will need to know that you are receiving treatment.

4.    Do my parents need to know?
The short answer her is NO.  You are considered an adult if you are over 18 years old.

5.    Will there be a fee?
On-campus services are part of your semester student fee.  Payment for off-campus services will need to be coordinated through your athletic trainer.

6.    What if I am receiving care from multiple providers?
Ideally, you would sign a release of information between your providers, so they can communicate to ensure continuity of care.

7.    Will my care remain private?
For any type of behavioral/mental health care, your sessions, and information relayed in those sessions remain as private as you prefer.  As your athletics healthcare providers, athletic trainers need to know if you are attending, and if you are fit for participation.

8.    What happens if I switch from an on-campus provider to a community provider?
You would want your on-campus provider to send your records to your new provider to ensure continuity of care.  You would also need to discuss billing options with your athletic trainer, and make sure to sign a new release of information for your athletic trainer to be able to confirm attendance.

9.    What if I am concerned about a friend/teammate/roommate?
You can always bring those concerns to your athletic trainer, coach, or team physician.  Any of these people can direct the person of concern to the appropriate resources.

10.    What if I would like to speak to someone of a particular gender/race/ethnicity/etc?
We want you to be comfortable with the care you receive.  If you have specific clinician preferences, let your athletic trainer or treating facility know.  You can make these requests to your athletic trainer as well as during the initial intake appointment at the UK Counseling Center.