• The Center for Academic and Tutorial Services’ tutoring program is available for all student-athletes. Tutors include instructors, graduate students and undergraduates from UK as well as qualified teachers and professionals from the community
  • The Center provides the appropriate atmosphere for tutoring. Twenty-five individual tutoring rooms are available. While working together, tutors and student-athletes have a quiet area in which to discuss important concepts related to specific coursework
  • The CATS ADVANTAGE —Tutors are individually matched with student-athletes based on the student’s specific courses, abilities, and learning style. The key to the program’s success includes individualized tutoring schedules and tutoring sessions that are set as preventative measures when the semester begins
  • Student-athletes may make arrangements to use CATS resources during non-working hours.


The mentoring program at CATS provides one-on-one instruction that assists many student-athletes develop time management techniques and improve study skills. Mentors, retired teachers or business professionals, meet on a weekly basis with students. The basic responsibilities of the mentors are to dissect the syllabi, help students organize their academic, athletic, and personal responsibilities, and to remediate any deficient study skills. Making daily, weekly, and monthly calendars, which list all class projects, homework, exams, and papers as well as sports’ travel dates are a weekly task. Reports of any grades and/or professors’ comments that are returned to the student-athletes are discussed. Mentors communicate important information related to the students’ academic progress, both verbally and in written report form, to the student-athletes’ academic-athletic counselors.



Apply to be a tutor

Submit a transcript for evaluation of ability to tutor.
Junior standing (60 credit hours or more).

Please note:

  • No regular, full-time employee who is paid bi-weekly can tutor
  • If you are a T.A., R.A., or G.A., you can only work so many hours a week and your status will be determined on an individual basis
  • If you work somewhere else on campus, you cannot work over 40 hours/week total. International students are limited to 20 hours per week.

Tutor FAQs

Q: What is the pay?
A: Pay determined by experience and year in school

Q: How many hours per week are required?
A: Depends on you and the demand for your services.

Q: Where does tutoring occur?
A: Within the tutoring rooms located in the CATS center