Maddie Hayes - Cheerleading - University of Kentucky Athletics


  • class Senior
  • Hometown Mansfield, Texas
  • High school Mansfield
Nickname: Maddie
Hometown: Mansfield, TX
High School/ Last College: Navarro College
Class at UK: Freshman
Major/ Intended major: Dentistry
Favorite Sport (besides cheerleading) to play or watch: Baseball
Favorite food: Steak
Why did you get into cheerleading/ mascoting ? I started in gymnastics and it just fed into cheerleading
What are your career goals? To open up my own practice of pediatric dentistry
Favorite movie: Monsters Inc
Not many people know this, but I…. Am the youngest athlete to compete at NCA collegiate Nationals and win grand
What do you enjoy doing outside of cheerleading? Hanging with my friends and teaching my puppy new tricks
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