Jantzen Hazelrigg - Cheerleading - University of Kentucky Athletics


  • class Junior
  • Hometown Fayetteville, N.C.
  • High school Western Harnett
Nickname: Jah
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC
High School/ Last College: Western Harnett High School
Class at UK: Freshman
Major/ Intended major: Political Science
Favorite Sport (besides cheerleading) to play or watch: Basketball
Favorite food: Indian Cuisine
Why did you get into cheerleading/ mascoting ? I thought mascoting would be fun and eventful. Now it even allows me to work out and build my body and rep my school.
What are your career goals? I’d like to pursue a political career (representative/ elected official) maybe one day President of USA because to me that is the end all be all
Favorite movie: Paid in Full
Not many people know this, but I…. Am very close with Kentucky MBB
What do you enjoy doing outside of cheerleading? Being outgoing and chatting with really any and everybody
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