K Fund

Single Game K Fund Premium Packages Available

The K Fund’s Single Game Premium Experience has returned for the 2023-24 Kentucky Men’s Basketball season.  Remember, we have a limited number of seats available and inventory changes as the season progresses.  If you are interested, please respond with requests via email or phone at 859.257.8792.

Please note:

  • Each purchase includes (2) Champions Club passes, (1) High Street Lot permit and earns K Fund Priority Points (listed next to prices below)
  • Prices listed are PER PAIR and PER GAME
  • There are two price points for each game (A: Sideline AA-DD and Baseline Floor AND B: Sideline Rows A-H)

$500 A (6 points)
$450 B (5 points)

  • Illinois State* (Price A unavailable)

$800 A (11 points)
$550 B (6 points)

  • Missouri* (no floor seats available)
  • Mississippi State *(no floor seats available)
  • Ole Miss
  • Florida

$3,500 A (63 points)
$3,000 B (53 points)

  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas

$5,000 A (92 points)
$4,500 B (82 points)

  • Gonzaga