Kentucky’s Student-Athlete Development department offers two internship programs specifically tailored to varsity athletes at UK, including international athletes as well. The UKAD Athletics Internship Program and the TKR Summer Internship program are designed to immerse student-athletes in practical experience in the athletic industry, heightening their knowledge of professional disciplines and building their resumes for post-graduation endeavors.  

These paid experiences offer a diversity of tasks according to the specific unit offering the experience. Each supervisor should curate a purposeful and substantive experience that aligns with the intern’s major and career aspirations, while also facilitating opportunities for career exploration. Student-athletes may even be eligible to utilize these programs to satisfy a practicum requirement for their major. 

The UKAD Athletics Internship Program spans approximately three months, while the TKR Summer Internship Program has a duration of around two months. Participants will be expected to work 15 hours a week, but flexibility will be provided to accommodate their individual academic and athletic commitments. Each participant’s schedule will be determined between them and their supervisor. In addition, upon successful completion of either program, student-athletes are invited to reapply and be selected for another cohort of the program. 


For more information and how to apply, contact Amanda Brown at