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Suites and Hospitality

Suites and Hospitality

K fund Suites and Hospitality

Kroger Field has 67 suites, with 20 suites located in each end zone and 27 suites located on the south sideline. Suites located in the end zone come furnished with a refrigerator, sink and a private restroom. Suites located on the south sideline come furnished with a refrigerator and a sink, as restrooms are located on the suite level.

Suite holders maintain multi-year leases with first rights of refusal. The suites have been sold-out since opening in 1999. We do offer a suite wait list utilizing the priority point system. To be added to the wait list you must place your request in writing to:

Elizabeth Briggs
Suite Wait List
Joe Craft Center
338 Lexington Ave.
Lexington, KY 40506

Or, you may email elizabeth.briggs@uky.edu if you are interested or have further questions.

Information about venue rental at Kroger Field can be found at ukahonline.com.

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