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UK and NCAA Drug Testing

  • The University of Kentucky and the NCAA both perform periodic random drug tests on UK student-athletes. Banned drugs include, but are not limited to, street drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin. If a student-athlete fails to show for a drug test, this could be considered a positive test.
  • Student-athletes should check with their trainer about any supplements they may wish to take as these have been known to also trigger a positive test.

Sports Wagering

  • University of Kentucky student-athletes, coaches and staff are prohibited from participating in sports wagering in any sport in which the NCAA conducts a championship or that sport’s professional equivalent. This prohibition includes placing bets on fantasy sports, online sports games (e.g., Fan Duel, Draft Kings) and tournament brackets if there is an entry fee and a prize.
  • It is not permissible to provide information to anyone involved in gambling activities about your institution or any other institution (i.e., injuries/illnesses).
  • It is not permissible to be involved in any activities that influence the outcome of a game (i.e., point shaving) or wager on your institution.
  • Sports wagering can result in an employee’s termination or the loss of a student-athlete’s eligibility.

Extra Benefits

  • UK student-athletes receive many permissible benefits in conjunction with their participation on a varsity athletic team at the University of Kentucky. However, some benefits (free meals, reduced or free goods or services as a result of their athletic status) from fans or donors could make a student-athlete ineligible to play at UK. If you are unsure about whether or not you may accept a gift or service from someone, please contact the compliance office.

Playing & Practice Seasons
NCAA rules regarding playing & practice seasons are as follows:

  • No more than 4 Hours/Day
  • No more than 20 – Hours/Week
  • 1 – Day off per week


  • No more than 8 – Hours/Week
  • including 2 – Hours/Week – Skill instruction
  • All contests are counted as three hours regardless of actual length.
  • As with most rules, there are exceptions. Sports such as golf may practice more than 4 hours a day as long as they only practice 20 hours per week. Check with the Compliance office regarding your particular sport.
  • The University of Kentucky ensures compliance with playing season regulations by having a random selection of student-athletes sign off on their practice hours. If a student-athlete would like to discuss their sports’ logged hours, they are encouraged to do so before signing off on the practice logs.

Time Management Plan

  • Every sport must develop a time management plan (TMP) to provide student-athletes with greater predictability and transparency in their athletic schedules for the upcoming academic year. TMPs are intended to provide student-athletes adequate advance notice of future athletically-related activities in order to effectively plan their academic and non-athletically related activities.


  • Your personal amateurism is your ticket to remaining eligible to play collegiate athletics. Your amateurism may be compromised if you register yourself as a professional athlete in an outside competition and accept money. You may also lose your amateurism if you agree to terms with a professional team or play for a professional team.


  • Student-athletes may sign items when fans request a student’s signature. Student-athletes are encouraged to personalize signatures when possible and use their best judgment when signing items. Avoid individuals who have multiple items and may be requesting signatures to then be sold for a profit. The University of Kentucky will not accept requests for student-athlete autographs.

Promotions & Endorsements

  • Student-athletes may not allow their name, nickname picture or likeness to be used to promote or advertise any commercial product or service. If you are aware of a company that is using your name or picture in this manner, please contact UK Compliance.
  • Student-athletes are permitted to be involved in promotional activities on a limited basis for the University of Kentucky, the SEC or nonprofit or charitable organizations. Please contact the Life Skills Department in CATS to complete the required documentation and to be approved to participate in promotional activities for such an entity.

Social Media

  • Student-athletes are able to have their own social media pages provided they represent themselves in accordance with the UK Athletic policies they are required to sign off on in the beginning of the academic year. The compliance office monitors student-athletes’ pages for inappropriate and impermissible material and will report student-athletes to their appropriate sport contacts when material is deemed questionable or innapropriate. 
  • Social Media Policy

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