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The mission of the University of Kentucky Athletics Compliance Department is to maintain NCAA institutional control of all 22 sports through the knowledge of, and adherence to NCAA, SEC, and University of Kentucky rules and regulations.This can be achieved through the implementation of proactive, comprehensive rules education and monitoring programs.Integrity and commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct serve as the foundation in creating a culture of shared compliance responsibility.

The University of Kentucky Athletic Compliance:Striving to provide institutional constituents the regulations required for athletic and academic achievement.

Contact the Compliance Office

Phone: (859) 257-8604 | Fax: (859) 323-4999

Name Title Phone Email
Baker, Rachel Executive Associate AD for Compliance (859) 218-1464
Sergent, Kevin Associate AD for Compliance (859) 257-8604
Weber, Cody Scholarship Coordinator (859) 257-8604
Wesley, Jenna Director of Compliance (859) 257-8604
Mullins, Brittany Director of Compliance (859) 257-4105

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