Ticket Information for Volleyball, W. Basketball, and Gymnastics for the 2024-25 Season

Welcome Home, BBN!

We look forward to welcoming you back to a newly renovated Memorial Coliseum in August 2024. This $82 million modernization project represents the biggest investment in women’s sports facilities in school history, and we are so excited to share it with you.

This summer, all season ticket holders for volleyball, women’s basketball, and gymnastics will participate in a new seat selection process for the 2024-25 season, regardless of your previous seat location(s) in Memorial Coliseum. We understand that seating changes can present challenges, but we believe they will be well worth it as we make Memorial Coliseum an even better home for our women’s teams and for you to cheer on our Wildcats.

Construction details are being finalized, and we will share additional info later this spring regarding season ticket prices and how/when everyone will choose new seats.

The most important things to know right now include:

  • There will be a new seat selection process for everyone for the 2024-25 season, beginning in June 2024.
  • The order in which you will select your seats will be based on your K Fund priority ranking as of April 30, 2024.
  • The seat selection process is designed to be fair, transparent, and equitable, and most importantly allows you to choose the specific seats that best fit your needs.
  • All current season ticket holders will be able to secure seats in the newly renovated Memorial Coliseum, and we will work closely with you along the way.

Important Dates

April 30, 2024 K Fund priority ranking as of April 30 will determine the order in which current season ticket holders select new seats
Mid/Late May, 2024 Seat selection appointment times emailed and mailed (current ticket holders)
June 2024 New seat selection process for 2024-25 begins (current ticket holders)
Late Summer 2024 Fans who have placed deposits for new season tickets will be contacted to select seats
August 2024 First athletic events in the newly renovated Memorial Coliseum


Selection Process & FAQ

How will I receive information?

All season ticket holders from 2023-24 will receive more information via mail and email by mid/late May regarding the seat selection process and your appointment time. Be sure your current email address is on file with the UK Ticket Office, as we will send information regarding your appointment time and seat selection via email. Information will also be provided on this site as details are finalized.

Who will participate in the seat selection process?

Since the entire seating bowl will be affected by the project, all current season ticket holders – regardless of seating location(s) – will participate in the new seat selection process prior to the 2024-25 season.

How will the seat selection process work?

Beginning in June 2024, the UK Ticket Office will work with all current volleyball, women’s basketball, and gymnastics season ticket holders to help them select seats that best fit their needs. Season ticket holders will be able to select their seats using our online system.

The order in which season ticket holders will select new seats will be based on K Fund priority ranking as of April 30, 2024.

The K Fund priority point system is designed to reward season ticket holder loyalty and total dollar contributions in support of UK Athletics. The seat selection process is designed to ensure fair, transparent, and equitable access to seats. For more information on the priority point system and how to improve your ranking, visit the KFundOnline.com or call the K Fund at (859) 257-6300.

More details on the process will be released in May.

How many seats can I select for 2024-25?

When selecting seat locations for 2024-25, you will be able to select the same number of seats you had for the 2023-24 season at Rupp Arena. Requests for additional seats will be handled after the priority seat selection process is completed, based on availability.

Can I keep the same seats I previously had at Memorial Coliseum?

As part of the renovation, a substantial portion of the original seating configuration will change, resulting in differences in the number of rows per section and number of seats per row. In an effort to create the most fair, equitable, and transparent process, all season ticket holders will have an opportunity to choose seats from all available seat locations, at a time determined by your priority point ranking.

Based on availability, you may choose similar or different seats than you have had in the past, when it is your turn for selection. Please note that section, row, and seat numbers will change and will not be the same as previous seasons.

Will I need to pay for my seats at the time of seat selection?

The seat selection process will act as the 2024-25 renewal process. Volleyball season ticket holders will need to pay in full at the time of seat selection. Women’s basketball and gymnastics season ticket holders will have the option to pay in full at the time of seat selection or enroll in a deferred payment plan, where the UK Ticket Office will automatically process payments on August 15.

What if I have season tickets in multiple sports?

The new seat selection process will occur simultaneously for Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, and Gymnastics. At your appointment time, you may select seats for any of the three sports that you currently have.

For example, if you had volleyball and women’s basketball season tickets for the 2023-24 season, you may select seats for volleyball and then select seats for women’s basketball. You may choose the same or different seat locations, understanding that availability will vary by sport.

What types of seating options will be available?

Brand new seating will be installed throughout the Coliseum as part of the renovation, and a mixture of reserved and general admission areas will continue to be available.

All sections on the west side (Lexington Avenue side) will feature comfortable chairback seating with armrests and cupholders, with the majority of seats being 20”-21” wide.

To maintain adequate capacity, the majority of sections along the east side (Rose Street side) will consist of new, blue bleachers, and fans may continue to bring personal seat cushions as desired.

Enhanced seating will be available in the rows closest to the floor along both sidelines, featuring padded chairback seats with armrests and cupholders.

New accessible seating will be installed along both sides, and handrails will be added to all aisles between sections, to help fans better navigate stairs.

In addition, several premium options will be new for the 2024-25 season, including loge boxes, courtside seats, and a club space at the north end of the Coliseum, overlooking the floor.

More details on all options are coming soon!

What will season tickets cost in 2024-25?

More information about season ticket prices will be announced prior to the seat selection process. All decisions regarding pricing are made through a normal annual review process. Regular-season STUNT games are free for all fans.

Will I be able to visit the Coliseum in person before selecting my seats?

To ensure safety for all, Memorial Coliseum is closed to the public while renovations are ongoing. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have specific questions related to your seating preferences.

How does my rank compare to other season ticket holders that will be a part of the seat selection process?

The tables below show how your overall K Fund priority rank translates into estimated placement among the season ticket holders in that sport as of April 16, 2024. The rankings are approximate and will change prior to any seat selection process. For example, if your priority rank is 5,000, your ranking among women’s basketball ticket holders is actually 222, placing you in the top 28% of women’s basketball season ticket holders. If you have questions regarding your priority ranking or would like to donate, contact the K Fund Office at (859) 257-6300.

Can I select seats next to my friends?

Yes, ticket holders who wish to sit near each other will have two options as part of the seat selection process:

  • Option 1:  Season ticket holders may wait until all their group members’ seat selection appointment times have opened based on their K Fund priority rank to select seats together.
  • Option 2:  Each season ticket holder has a unique K Fund priority ranking. To assign each group member the same appointment time, we will use the average K Fund priority ranking as of April 30, 2024, for all season ticket holders provided in your group. Everyone will still need to pick their own seats; however, we can make it easier by assigning friends the same appointment times.
    • To submit a “sit with friends” request for your group, please fill out the online form at UKathletics.com/SitWithFriends. A member of the group will need to provide the Name and Account ID number for each season ticket holder. The deadline to submit a “sit with friends” request is April 30, 2024. All season ticket holders listed on the form will receive a confirmation email from the UK Ticket Office within three days of submission. If you have additional questions, please contact the UK Ticket Office at uktickets@uky.edu or (800) 928-2287.
I’m interested in becoming a new season ticket holder. When can I purchase tickets?

Fans interested in new season tickets for Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, and/or Gymnastics can place deposits now by visiting this page! Those who place deposits will be contacted by the UK Ticket Office beginning later this summer, after current season ticket holders have an opportunity to select seats.

What is the new seating capacity?

After renovations, Memorial Coliseum’s seating capacity will be approximately 6,250. Our focus is on creating the best possible game-day experience for all fans in Memorial Coliseum, with an engaging atmosphere, comfortable accommodations, and optimized entry and exit.

The new, more intimate capacity continues to provide the opportunity for UK Athletics to host important NCAA and conference championships as well as campus events and programming.

What other exciting fan amenities can I expect?

All fans will benefit from revamped concourses and new restrooms, a reimagined concessions experience, air conditioning and climate-control improvements, and an enhanced look and feel throughout the building. A modern, center-hung video board plus sideline ribbon boards will be visible from all sections, and the Coliseum’s redesign will create a more intimate and engaging game-day experience.

For those who need additional assistance, two new elevators will be installed at the front of the Coliseum inside the Avenue of Champions entrance, connecting the north lobby with the main concourse.

How will the Coliseum continue to honor Kentuckians who have died in military service?

The original 1950 building was a memorial to servicemen and women who died in World War II, and it also honors those who have fallen in the Korean War, Vietnam War, and subsequent military service. As we celebrate the re-opening of Memorial Coliseum, the renovation project will include unveiling an upgraded memorial.

Need Assistance?

Please contact the UK Ticket Office at (800) 928-2287 or the K Fund Office at (859) 257-6300. You may also reach us by email at uktickets@uky.edu or kfund@uky.edu.

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