Football Tickets
Area Permit Price K Fund Donation Total Buy Now
368   Blue Numbered Reserved $320 $3,000 $3,320 AVAILABLE
367   Red Numbered Reserved $320 $3,000 $3,320 AVAILABLE
366   Green Numbered Reserved $320 $3,000 $3,320 AVAILABLE
Blue VIP   Blue VIP $320 $2,500 $2,820 AVAILABLE
Red VIP   Red VIP $320 $2,500 $2,820 AVAILABLE
365   Disabled Blue & Red $320 $0 $320 SOLD OUT
359   Blue $320 $300 $620 SOLD OUT
358   Red $320 $300 $620 SOLD OUT
357   Green $320 $300 $620 SOLD OUT
356   Orange $320 $200 $520 SOLD OUT
355   Purple $320 $100 $420 SOLD OUT
354   Silver $320 $100 $420 SOLD OUT
364   Arboretum $320 $100 $420 SOLD OUT
363   White/Green $320 $100 $420 SOLD OUT
362   Yellow/Red $320 $100 $420 SOLD OUT
353   Yellow (Structure #1) $192 $0 $192 SOLD OUT
361   Green/Black (Structure #7) $192 $0 $192 SOLD OUT
352   RV Lot $800 $300 $1,100 SOLD OUT


Parking permits were sold out for the 2022 season. If you do not currently have parking and would like to be added to the waiting list for 2023, contact the UK Ticket Sales Office at (800) 928-2287 (option 1). There is a limit of one (1) season permit for every four (4) season tickets purchased per account. Only season ticket holders are eligible to purchase parking permits at Kroger Field, based on availability. To learn more about premium permit opportunities, contact the K Fund at (859) 257-6300.

Josh Ali. Kentucky beat New Mexico State 56-16.Photo by Eddie Justice | UK Athletics

Season Permit Renewals

Parking Upgrades:

Parking permits were sold out for the 2022 season. Current permit holders who would like to request to move into a different lot for 2023 should enter their parking request as part of the online renewal process or contact the K Fund at (859) 257-6300 no later than April 7 with your request. Requests for parking changes will be filled after the renewal deadline in order of K Fund priority point rank, based on availability.

Premium & Accessible Permits:

• Numbered Reserved Permits: Numbered reserved parking permits offer a specific, numbered parking space reserved for each game. To purchase a Numbered Reserved permit, contact the K Fund at (859) 257-6300.

• VIP Permits: Blue, Red & Green VIP permits offer a guaranteed space within the VIP section of the associated lot, regardless of your arrival time. Spaces in these lots are not individually numbered. To purchase a Blue, Red or Green VIP permit, contact the K Fund at (859) 257-6300.

• Reserved Accessible Permits: To renew an accessible parking permit, permit holders must provide a copy of their state issued disabled parking placard and/or copy of your registration receipt for disabled parking issued by your county clerk’s office or transportation cabinet. If you are a current permit holder and no longer require accessible parking for home football games, or do not have the proper documentation to provide, please notify the K Fund. To be added to the accessible parking waiting list, please contact the K Fund.

Parking Regulations

UK Athletics wants your game day parking experience to be an enjoyable one. For the convenience and comfort of all fans, we ask that you abide by UK Athletics parking regulations.