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Intercollegiate athletics places unusual demands on student-athletes. Athletic and academic interests compete for the student-athlete’s time, energy, and attention. The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) of the University of Kentucky believes that colleges and universities can and must provide the opportunity for student-athletes to be both successful students and fulfilled athletes.

The University of Kentucky SAAC is the student-athlete organization that represents the student-athletes at the University of Kentucky. The SAAC seeks to ensure that the University of Kentucky Department of Athletics provides each sport and every student-athlete with a quality environment and the essentials to be competitive as a student-athlete and a team.

Further, the SAAC attempts to ensure that the UK Department of Athletics creates an honest and holistic environment that places the student-athletes’ welfare as the central focus of the process—a process that provides each student-athlete the opportunity to learn how to be successful athletically, academically and personally with the objective of each student-athlete improving his or her post-college quality of life.

The mission of the University of Kentucky Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is:

A. To provide support, leadership and direction to the student- athletes at the University of Kentucky.
B. To cultivate and improve the opportunities for athletic and academic achievement and personal growth for UK student-athletes.
C. To enhance communication between the student-athletes and the UK athletic administration and coaches.
D. To serve as an advisory source to the Director of Athletics regarding any student-athlete concerns.

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