Ticket Security

Purchase & Resale


UK Athletics strives to provide fans with a ticketing experience that is convenient, safe and secure. Only tickets purchased directly through the following outlets are guaranteed to be valid. UK Athletics cautions against purchasing tickets through other outlets that may be unable to provide this assurance.

  • UK Ticket Office
  • Ticketmaster
  • Rupp Arena Box Office
  • FEVO
  • Visiting Team Ticket Office

All UK Athletics tickets are barcoded and will be scanned for validity at the venue’s entrance. Admission will be denied for invalid and/or counterfeit tickets.

Ticket Resale


Kentucky has partnered with Ticketmaster to bring fans a 100% verified resale marketplace, specifically authorized by UK Athletics. Ticketmaster’s resale marketplace is completely integrated with UK Athletics’ ticketing system and uses barcode verification technology to ensure the authenticity of all tickets. As the official fan-to-fan marketplace of Big Blue Nation, Ticketmaster provides fans with reliable and convenient access to purchase tickets for games and sections that otherwise may be sold out as well as post verified tickets for sale. To learn more about Ticketmaster’s resale platform and to post your tickets for sale, click here.

Student ID Required Tickets


Tickets printed with “Student ID Required” are sold to full-time University of Kentucky students at an exclusive rate. Due to this, only UK students with their valid UK student ID will be able to gain admission to Rupp Arena and Kroger Field with these tickets. The general public are unable to gain admission on student tickets. Fans purchasing tickets through the outlets listed above can be assured that they are not accidentally buying student tickets that require a student ID for entry.

Print-At-Home Tickets


UK Athletics continuously strives to implement technological advances to provide our fans with a ticketing experience that is convenient, safe and secure. UK Athletics is excited to introduce mobile ticketing as a complement to traditional hard stock paper tickets. Mobile ticketing increases the security of the ticket buying and event entry process to ensure your visit is an enjoyable one. Print-at-home paper tickets (PDFs) have been discontinued beginning with the 2019-20 season so as to further combat fraud and counterfeiting commonly associated with PDF tickets. Please note, PDF or print-at-home tickets will not be accepted at any UK Athletics venue, including Rupp Arena. For more information, contact the UK Ticket Office at (800) 928-2287 (Option 4).

Invalid, Duplicate & Counterfeit Tickets


All UK Athletics tickets are barcoded and will be scanned for validity at the venue entrance. Invalid, altered, duplicate and counterfeit tickets will not grant entrance into the venue. If any of these tickets are discovered once inside of the facility, UK Athletics has the right to escort the ticket holder from the venue. Event staff personnel and ticket office staff may confiscate fraudulent tickets for law enforcement purposes.

Social Media


Ticket holders should be aware of the potential risks of posting pictures of their tickets, specifically the barcode, on the internet in any way. The barcode is the most valuable piece of information on a ticket. Please treat it as you would your credit card information. Always #CoverTheCode when posting pictures of tickets online, and avoid taking screenshots that expose personal information like your name, address or credit card information.