Sell Tickets


Kentucky has partnered with Ticketmaster to bring fans a 100% verified resale marketplace, specifically authorized by UK Athletics. Ticketmaster’s resale marketplace is completely integrated with UK Athletics’ ticketing system and uses barcode verification technology to ensure the authenticity of all tickets. As the official fan-to-fan marketplace of Big Blue Nation, Ticketmaster provides fans with reliable and convenient access to purchase tickets for games and sections that otherwise may be sold out as well as post verified tickets for sale.

Tickets to Kentucky football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball & baseball games are eligible to posted for resale through Ticketmaster.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post ticket(s) for sale?

Season ticket holders can post their tickets for resale directly through the UK Athletics app or by logging into My UK Account from a desktop or mobile device. All other purchasers can post online at

Can I sell my tickets above face value?

Yes! Thanks to Kentucky’s official partnership with Ticketmaster, ticket holders will be able to post and sell tickets above face value while still complying with all state, local and team regulations regarding the sale of tickets.

How do I edit my listing?

Season ticket holders can edit their listing directly through the UK Athletics app or by logging into My UK Account from a desktop or mobile device. All other sellers can edit their listing online at by signing into their Ticketmaster account.

How long will my ticket(s) remain posted for resale?

During the posting process, you will be able to select when your listing expires. It is important to manually remove your listing if you decide to attend a game in order to prevent the sale of the tickets prior to game time.

How do I deliver my ticket(s) to the buyer?

Once your tickets sell, they will be automatically delivered to the buyer electronically and the barcodes on your hard copy tickets will be voided.

How do I know the tickets listed on Ticketmaster are authentic?

All tickets listed on Ticketmaster’s fan-to-fan marketplace are 100% authentic and can easily be verified by our customer service representatives. When you buy tickets for events on Ticketmaster, the barcodes on those tickets are electronically validated by exclusive barcode verification technology. The original ticket barcodes are canceled and new, unique tickets are reissued with your name on them. This process guarantees the authenticity of the tickets.

How will I receive my ticket(s)?

All tickets purchased on Ticketmaster will be delivered electronically to your Ticketmaster account. Tickets can then be viewed, scanned and managed from your mobile device through the UK Athletics app or by logging into My UK Account from a mobile device. For assistance with mobile tickets, visit