Welcome to your home for the upcoming seat selection process!

We are excited to announce changes in Rupp Arena for the 2024-2025 Kentucky Men’s Basketball season!  Rupp Arena will be installing new seats on the first 5 rows on the sideline.  The impacted areas are in Rows FL, AA, BB, CC and DD of Sections 12 – 16 and 29 – 33.

***Important Dates and Info***

  • The following info is ONLY relevant to your seats located affected areas
  • You MAY NOT purchase additional seats in the reseat process
  • The order of seat selection will be determined by K Fund Point Priority Rank
  • There will be price increases on the season ticket and annual donation in premium areas

2024-25 Men’s Basketball Premium Seat Pricing:

Sections 13, 14, 15, 30, 31, 32 and 33

Season Ticket: $2,000 per seat

K Fund Annual Donation: $8,000 per seat

Sections 12, 16 and 29

Season Ticket: $2,000 per seat

K Fund Annual Donation: $6,000 per seat

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*Please note: limited number of seats are held for contractual obligations and thus will not available for selection (i.e. home and visiting team ticket requirements, etc.).  Diagram is not 100% to scale and an updated one will be available online prior to selection process.

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