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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic causing the partial closure of UK Athletics Administration offices, UK Athletics posters are limited in supply for the 2021-22 season.

The 2021 UK football, and 2021-22 men’s and women’s basketball schedule posters, presented by Kroger, are exclusively available at area Kroger locations. All other sport-specific posters are unavailable at this time.



vs University of Louisiana at Monroe presented by One Holland

at Louisville, presented by KCTCS

Men’s Basketball

vs Tennessee, SEC Tournament, presented by UK HealthCare

Women’s Basketball

vs South Carolina, SEC Tournament Championship, presented by UK HealthCare


Volleyball Poster 2021

Men’s Soccer

Men's Soccer Poster 2021


Cheerleading Poster 2021-22

Women’s Soccer

Women's Soccer Poster 2021

Men’s Golf

Men's Golf Poster 2021-22

Women’s Golf

Women's Golf Poster 2021-22

Men’s Swimming & Diving

Men's Swimming and Diving Poster 2021-22

Women’s Swimming & Diving

Women's Swimming and Diving Poster 2021-22