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Kentucky-LSU Postgame Quotes

Kentucky-LSU Postgame Quotes

LSU VS Kentucky Post-Game
Feb. 21, 2024
Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari Quotes

Opening Statement…
“Fifty-fifty balls cost us the game. It’s all we talk about. Fifty-fifty balls. Not only the last play, the play before that. Up 13, we have it, they jerk it form us, kick it out, make a three, make another three. Now it’s anybody’s ballgame. Matter of fact, we may have been up 15. You can’t win. Don’t tell me about your offense. If you’re not going to come up with 50/50 balls, you can’t win but I’m going to say this: all that being said, I was proud of these guys, in this environment, doing what they did. Making that last shot, someone blocks it, I got to watch the tape and see who did not grab that ball. The winning ball. Who didn’t grab it? And why? Why not dive on the floor just to get the ball and tie up the game? Fought to get back, made baskets, (Rob) Dillingham made some unbelievable plays. He did what he does.”

On what went wrong after the 15-point lead…
“I don’t know but I’ve watched all their games. They were down 24 on Tennessee and they came back and made it a five-point game. They were down 16 against South Carolina and made it a game. So why don’t you say what are you guys doing when you’re down 15? What happens to your team? Because they just change. I think Florida had them down 16 or 17, so I told my team that at halftime, ‘they’re going to make a run’. Every game I’ve watched they’ve made a run. Now you have got to make a run back, but, we had been getting 50/50 balls. We reverted a little bit today. But you have got to give them credit. It was a great game for them and a great win. They toughed us for those balls which made the difference in the game.”

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