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Former UK Dance Team Members Headed to Super Bowl

Former UK Dance Team Members Headed to Super Bowl

by Tim Letcher

Former University of Kentucky Dance Team members DaVanna Lockett and Marlee Scholten have been on the sidelines for many big games during their dancing/cheering careers. However, what this duo will experience on Sunday will be unlike anything they have ever seen before.

Lockett and Scholten are members of the Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders, and they will be in Las Vegas on Sunday when their Chiefs face the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVII.

Both Lockett and Scholten are still somewhat in disbelief that they will be on the sidelines for the Super Bowl.

“Honestly, it does not feel real at all yet. I just still can’t believe it’s happening,” Lockett said. “There are a lot of crazy, wonderful feelings. We get to be dancing on the sidelines at the Super Bowl. It’s going to be great!”

Scholten agrees with Lockett.

“It’s hitting me now. I’m getting chills thinking about it,” Scholten said. “Being there, I think I’m going to have a crazy experience. I never, ever thought that would be me.”

This will be the Chiefs’ fourth appearance in the Super Bowl in the last five years. Lockett likes that some of her teammates have been there before and can help the rookies.

“Luckily, we have some veterans who have been to the Super Bowl before, so they can help guide us through,” Lockett said.

Scholten remembers what she did for the big game last season. Her experience this year will be vastly different.

“I do remember last year, I was on my couch watching the Super Bowl with just my roommates,” Scholten said. “We made some tailgate dishes, just watching the game and seeing the cheerleaders. Now, fast forward a year, and it’s going to be me. I’m so thankful to be in the position that I’m in.”

While Lockett and Scholten are thriving in their professional dance/cheer careers, they both look back on lessons they learned while on the UK Dance Team.

“Kentucky really taught me fundamentals and foundations that have followed me,” Lockett said. “How to manage my time, how to balance my schedule. It also taught me that you have a team you can depend on.”

Scholten also gives credit to UKDT head coach Dawn Walters.

“Dance prepared me so well for real life,” Scholten said. “At Kentucky, being an engineering major and being on a dance team prepared me to handle time management and networking. I take a lot from what Dawn Walters taught me. She is definitely a good human inside and out and someone who changed my life for the better. I’m here because of the opportunity that I was given from Dawn and from UK. That’s ultimately how I met Stephanie Judah, our coach. I’m excited to finish this year out strong.”

As the Chiefs try to win their third Super Bowl in five years, Lockett and Scholten will be there cheering them on. It’s a dream scenario in the rookie seasons for the former UK Dance Team members.

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