Rifle Starts Home Stretch Saturday vs. Army, North Georgia

Rifle Starts Home Stretch Saturday vs. Army, North Georgia

LEXINGTON, Ky. – The University of Kentucky rifle team will begin a three-match homestand on Saturday as it plays host to a tri-match with Army and North Georgia inside the UK Rifle Range in Barker Hall.

The three teams will compete throughout two relays with sights and prep for smallbore starting at 8 a.m. ET. Spectators are invited to watch smallbore scores up in Barker Hall and enjoy free breakfast during the first part of the relay. The range will be open to spectators for air rifle. Admission is free.

“We are excited to get back in front of Big Blue nation this weekend,” UK head coach Harry Mullins said. “With the season winding down, these last few matches before NCAA Qualifier are about the details. The team is training hard, and it will be good to see some of the things we are working on in training transition to the competition range this weekend.”

Kentucky is coming off a win in the Withrow Invitational last weekend at Murray State, posting a team score of 4727 in the six-team match. The Wildcats posted a 2353 in smallbore and 2374 in air rifle – both were the highest scores at the event in their respectively disciplines. Freshman Sofia Ceccarello led all performers with a 1188 aggregate, earning a 589 in smallbore and 599 in air rifle.

As a team, Kentucky is averaging a 4724.50 aggregate this season, earning a 2344.2 in smallbore and 2380.3 in air rifle. Ceccarello leads Kentucky in both disciplines this season, averaging a 589 in smallbore and 598 in air rifle for an 1187 aggregate average. Super seniors Richard Clark and Will Shaner are having good seasons with Clark averaging 587 in smallbore and 594.1 in air rifle and Shaner a 585.125 in smallbore and 593.875 in air rifle. Sophomore Allison Buesseler and super senior Mitchell Nelson are each averaging 583.3 in smallbore while Buesseler has a 593.8 in air rifle and Nelson a 592. Freshman Martin Voss is having a great season averaging a 583.2 in smallbore and 590.2 in air rifle, while sophomore Kayla Kalenza is averaging a 579.444 in smallbore and 588.889 in air rifle. Seniors Emmie Sellers and Jaden Thompson are averaging strong numbers. Sellers is earning a 579.444 in smallbore and 589 in air rifle, while Thompson is posting a 577.25 in smallbore and 590 in air rifle. Sophomore Torie Kopelen is earning a 574.625 in smallbore and 586.714 in air rifle, while senior Mason Hamilton is posting a 574.556 in smallbore and 584 in air rifle. Freshman AJ Hotko wraps up the season averages with a 563.5 in smallbore and 582.375 in air rifle.

Army is averaging a 2308.29 in smallbore and 2337.43 in air rifle for an aggregate average of 4645.72. Kyle Kutz leads the team with a 585 smallbore average, while Anusha Pakkam is averaging a 588.571 in air rifle.

North Georgia is averaging an aggregate score of 4613.88 this season with a 2274.63 in smallbore and 2339.25 in air rifle. Maya Cameron leads the team in both disciplines with a 574.75 in smallbore and 589.375 in air rifle.

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