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Kentucky-South Carolina Postgame Quotes

Kentucky-South Carolina Postgame Quotes

Kentucky Women’s Basketball Postgame Quotes
Kentucky vs South Carolina  
Memorial Coliseum– Lexington, Ky.
Jan. 12, 2023


UK Head Coach Kyra Elzy

On Kennedy Cambridge’s impact on the game …
“I love Ken. You know, what she brings is that dog mentality, she brings us emotional energy, and defensive intensity. And the thing about Ken, she simply wants to win. She knows her role and she stars in it. She doesn’t come in to score 20. She knows she’s going to give us hustle plays and rebounds. Hitting a shot is a bonus. But we need what she brings – the energy.”

On Maddie Scherr’s performance …
“So proud of Maddie. You know, she and I had a conversation – it’s funny – I wanted to free her up. She was pressing and I was like, ‘Maddie, don’t worry about scoring.’ I was like, ‘Facilitate, get us in an offense, play hard. If it feels good, take the shot. If it doesn’t, don’t worry about it. We don’t need you to score.’ That was right before Georgia, and she’s been scoring ever since. I need to keep telling her, ‘Don’t worry about scoring!’ But I’m so proud of our point guards, period. Jada Walker – she came in as well. I thought she set the tone of driving to the rim. We really challenged her to play off two feet, spread the floor, finish on balance. I really thought she set the tone for us offensively. But I thought our point guards were phenomenal. We also took a step forward offensively when Robyn Benton got that second foul. A couple of games ago, we couldn’t stay together offensively, and we held the rope while she was out. So that is progress.”

On the fans impact in the game …
“That’s huge. I want to give a big shout-out to BBN. Even through tough times. It was electric in there (Memorial Coliseum) tonight. I cannot remember who hit the shot, but it was like an explosion. That’s the energy we need and they feed off of it, our players deserve it. The outcome is still not what we want it to be, we will get there, but to have fans that still support us through this journey is very important to us.”

On how UK is going to move forward after this game…
“We want to win. We want to win. Our staff and myself have to find a way to keep their confidence up, to keep their morale up. So, I just talked to them about the positives. For three quarters against the number one team in the country, you showed what you were made of. Obviously, they made the run in the fourth. We can learn from that. But that type of heart, intensity and I thought that was the most confidence we have played with. If we can take those into our next games and learn from our experiences. “

On Jada Walker’s injury…
“I think she just got side-swiped. Jada is tough. She was still walking and talking so I feel like we are in good shape.”

Kentucky Women’s Basketball Postgame Quotes
Kentucky vs South Carolina  
Memorial Coliseum– Lexington, Ky.
Jan. 12, 2023

UK Player Quotes


#22, Maddie Scherr, Jr., G

On the difference of the offense in these past two contests…
“Just keep shooting it. You know I know that they’re going to fall eventually. That’s what happens you know, just keep shooting it. I had all the encouragement from my coaches and teammates to keep shooting the ball. So that’s what really got me there.”

On the 16-0 run in the first quarter…
“I think it was just our mindset going into the game. Obviously, no one had us pick to win that game. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain. We went out there and executed really well. We were hitting shots and more importantly we were getting stops on the other end. We were making them rattle and they were turning it over a few times. We just let them get too comfortable down low. I think definitely late in the fourth quarter for sure. Definitely our mindset goes into that game. We wanted to win and we knew we could win. Unfortunately, they’re a great team and capitalized too much on our mistakes.”

On what the difference was for her seeing that the team looked different in a lot of different ways…
“Just staying together. It’s such a journey and it’s been a really hard journey. You know, like I said in the last time not everybody has been shooting well on the same night. I think we all had a better shooting night tonight–that’s our team. That’s what we’re capable of doing. So just sticking together remembering like, ‘Hey, stay with it short memory and keep going after these teams no matter if it’s number one team in the country.’”

On if Robyn (Benton) being out of the game with seven minutes in the first quarter helped her or forced her to be more aggressive… 
“I wouldn’t say it made me be more aggressive or not more aggressive. I think it was just the opportunities that I saw. Could have been different if Robyn was in there too, if anything, I think probably would have more opportunity if Robyn was in too so that’s probably what I would say.”

#3 Kennedy Cambridge, Fr., G

On how she’s been impacting this game at this moment …
“I think it’s just basketball. We’re all here to play basketball. I don’t care what grade you’re in, I don’t care what grade I’m in. I mean we’re all here to win. And it’s going to come. We (are going) to win.”

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