Women's Basketball
Kentucky-LSU Postgame Quotes

Kentucky-LSU Postgame Quotes

Kentucky Women’s Basketball Postgame Quotes
Kentucky vs LSU 
Rupp Arena – Lexington, Ky.

Jan. 8, 2023


Head Coach Kyra Elzy

On the difference of how players are shooting in practice vs games …

“I do think it is somewhat mental. We are better shooters than what we are showing, but I think overall we have to have a little more mental toughness. So, when we miss one or two, you need to start thinking I’m going to hit the next one. Where I think it becomes a confidence issue like, I miss one or two, and then it starts playing in our minds. So, we have to play in fast forward instead of rewind, but you know we go back to work. They are capable of shooting the ball and I have total confidence in them and how we can help them continue to work on game-speed shots out of our offense, and let them see the ball go in the basket. That’s what we have to do and on top of them getting extra shots to remain confident.”


On the approach while outscoring LSU 21-13 in the fourth quarter…

“Well, it’s about a mentality. We have to compete. We have to hustle. It doesn’t matter what the what the scoreboard says at that juncture. You have to learn to continue to grow and improve and I liked that we were aggressive defensively. At the end of the day, we have to find a way to score and get to the free throw line for easy scoring opportunities. Where they scored 25 free throws and they had 31 attempts, we were four for nine so we need to get there more 67 points, you put yourself in a position and give yourself a chance to win. They average 91 Overall 77 in the conference, so we held them to 10 less than what they average we have to find a way to score.”

On if she’s seen any specific players be a positive voice for the team…
“You know, they all are. One thing we talk about in our pregame (is) touch someone. Give them a high five, good or bad. That means we’re staying connected. We only have each other, and so we’re trying to remain positive. We have to weather the storm. Obviously, this is not where we want to be when you’re a competitor and you want to win. You have to find a way to stay the course. We’ll come out on the other side, we continue to improve – it is not showing up in the wins and losses column, unfortunately but it will. But right now we have to stay together, block out the noise, and focus on this team and how we get better.”

On any updates on Kennedy Cambridge’s injury mid-game…
“I would not be able to give you an update, but she was smiling when I left. I haven’t had a chance to talk to the trainer, so I’ll take that as good news.”

On Angel Reese’s progression throughout the game…
Well, Angel Reese is a talented player. She’s been getting hers all season long. She is a hand full. If you can get 20-plus points and 20-plus rebounds in a game, that’s phenomenal. I thought we did a great job in the first half. But you know, she’s the type of player that you keep working, but she’s going to get hers. Our goal was not to let other people go off on us, and we ended up letting Flau’jae (Johnson) have 26 (points). So, if we’re going let her get her average, we can’t let other people go off”


JANUARY 8, 2023

UK Student-Athletes

#22, Maddie Scherr, G


On what is causing shooting differences in games versus practice …
“It’s hard to pinpoint just one thing. We really do shoot lights-out in practice, so it’s super frustrating when this person has a great shooting night and this person doesn’t. We have to be able to put it all together. It could be the speed of the game or getting in your own head and being hesitant on the next shot. I know I’m guilty of that but we’ve just got to stay the course.”

On starting out well …
“I think we came out ready to play. We weren’t going to back down or look at ourselves as an underdog who’s going to get stepped over. I think we wanted it more in the beginning but, ultimately, we let them get too many transition points and layups down low. Way too many paint points for them. They were a little more physical than us, but we have to match that. It was definitely an attainable game, but we had too many slip-ups. They are a good team and they capitalized on it.”

On going into the next week…
“Stay the course. You have to have a short memory in basketball because the next one is up. The SEC is the best league in the country and we’re going to be ready to go home, scout South Carolina, and take the floor against them.”

On staying positive and being a leader…
“Being super vocal during practice—like if its off the floor talking to some freshmen and being in their ear saying ‘I’ve been there as a freshman or somebody who’s not shooting well’. I see my teammates shoot it lights out and I’m hitting them everywhere at practice and they shoot them. It’s not that we can’t. I believe in every single one of my teammates and we believe in each other so I think that feeling that from each other is super important.”


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