Please see some key highlights below which may effect most donors.

  1. A student-athlete (SA) must disclose any proposed contract or agreement between a SA and third party 7 days prior to the proposed activity to the Athletics Compliance Office (ACO).  Until the ACO reviews and approves, the student-athlete may not engage in the proposed activity.  In the event the ACO does not approve, the student-athlete may not undertake the proposed activity.  Failure to disclose any contract or agreement may result in loss of eligibility, including suspension from team activities or competition, and/or additional NIL education or training;


  1. SAs may not receive payments, provision, or promise of any other consideration or benefits by the university or by any booster or any other person or entity acting on behalf of the university; or in exchange or as an inducement for athletic performance or attendance at the university.


  1. UK employees (including but not limited to athletics staff and coaches) are not permitted to provide or arrange for compensation to SAs for their NIL.  Additionally, staff members are not permitted to put you in contact with a student-athlete for purposes of a NIL arrangement.  Donors/fans are encouraged to use social media for purposes of contacting student-athletes.


  1. SAs are not prohibited from entering into genuine NIL agreements with separate business entities that are operated by an individual who is also a booster, so long as the agreement is not a payment, provision, or promise of any other consideration or benefits by the university or by any representative of athletics interests or any person or entity acting on behalf of the university.


  1. Prospects may not receive compensation from anyone in exchange for committing to or signing a scholarship with the University of Kentucky.  This activity is considered an impermissible recruiting inducement, is a violation of NCAA rules and could cause competition ineligibility for the prospect.  This activity could also affect your standing as a donor with the University of Kentucky.

Please contact myself or any member of the Athletic Compliance Office at (859) 257-8604 or if you have any questions.  You can also visit for additional information.

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