2020 Men's Basketball Gameday Information

2020 Men's Basketball Gameday Information

After consulting with health experts from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the University of Kentucky and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), UK Athletics, in partnership with Rupp Arena, is implementing a number of new initiatives and regulations regarding men’s basketball games at Rupp Arena for the 2020-2021 season. The health and well-being of our student-athletes, fans and staff are our top priorities and will continue to guide our decisions.
Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present. We cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your visit to Rupp Arena

Know Before You Go

Prior to arriving to Rupp Arena, we encourage all fans to check their temperature and conduct a health self-screening. Fans who have a temperature at or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit are asked to stay home and isolate. Fans who have existing health complications and are therefore vulnerable are asked to proceed with the utmost caution and to consider staying home and isolating.

All patrons will be required to take a temperature check upon entry at Rupp Arena. Patrons whose temperature reads above the CDC recommendation will not be permitted entry to protect the health and safety of all patrons, players and staff.

Face coverings, over the nose and mouth, are required for all fans as they enter, exit and move around Rupp Arena. Children 2 and younger are not required to wear a mask.
Physical distancing measures have been put in place at Rupp Arena, including physically distance lines for concessions, bathrooms and other spots where lines generally form.
A significant number of sanitizing opportunities, including hand sanitizers and hand-washing stations, have been added inside Rupp Arena.
Rupp Arena staff will take additional measures to clean and sanitize Rupp Arena, including high touch-point areas, which will be cleaned more frequently.
This season, UK Athletics is transitioning to mobile tickets for all events. Fans are strongly encouraged to download the UK Athletics app and to download their tickets prior to arriving at Rupp Arena
University of Kentucky Athletics seeks to provide the safest environment possible for all spectators, staff and participants. A risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place, including sporting events hosted by the University of Kentucky at Rupp Arena. Fans with pre-existing health conditions or who are otherwise at risk should consider not attending sporting events during this unprecedented time.
Those who are not permitted to attend basketball games at Rupp Arena:

  • Tested positive or defined as a close contact and not yet cleared by the health department or Health Corps to exit quarantine
  • Were tested and have not received the results
  • Informed that they may have been exposed
  • Experiencing any symptoms

UKAD EMS crew will be on site to answer questions regarding symptoms.
Failure to comply with the requirements outlined above may result in individuals being removed from and denied future access to Rupp Arena and other University of Kentucky athletic venues.
Requirements for fans

  • Mobile tickets and parking permits will be required this season
  • Masks are required at all times other than while eating or drinking, while seated.
  • Keep six feet of social distance where possible
  • Clear bags are required
  • Feedback can be provided in real time by notifying the nearest event worker or post-event by emailing BBNFirst@uky.edu.
  • Masks or face coverings should:
    • Worn at all times, including while seated in the stands, traveling through the venue, going to the restrooms, purchasing food and beverages, and inside the premium spaces.
      • Cover mouth and nose
      • Fit snugly but comfortably
      • Be secured with ties or ear loops
      • Gaiters made of two-ply material
      • Be made of multiple layers of fabric or medical grade disposable
      • Allow for breathing without restriction
      • Not be worn by anyone younger than 2 years old
      • Must be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape if made of fabric
      • Face shields do not replace wearing a mask
  • If spectators are unable to wear masks, they are encouraged not to attend games in person for the sake of their health and the health of others
  • Mask enforcement will be treated similarly to other policies enforced at Rupp Arena, including no smoking/tobacco products, alcohol beverage use, artificial noisemakers, etc.
    • Ushers or Event Staff will approach those not in compliance with policies and request they comply
    • If they are faced with push back, they will involve University of Kentucky Police or the police agency assigned to that section/area
    • If needed, those not in compliance will be removed from the premise
    • The above policy is in line with language on the back of UK Athletics event tickets: Tickets are a revocable license. Management may revoke the license and eject or refuse entry to the holder for violation of venue rules, illegal activity or misconduct….Terms and conditions governing use of this ticket are posted on the website of the SEC (SECSports.com). By using a game ticket, user agrees to be bound by such terms and conditions…UK Athletics is committed to providing a safe and fan-friendly environment.

Recommendations for fans

  • No bags
  • Medical bags only permitted through special admissions entry
  • Arrive early – pay attention to your suggested gate
  • Limit time spent on the concourse – no loitering or congregating
  • Utilize hand sanitizer and wash hands as frequently as possible
  • Plan to use credit cards, no cash
  • A game ticket, or game credential, is required to be on the premise of Rupp Arena on men’s basketball game days
  • If you feel bad, stay home. Enjoy the game on TV!


Rupp Arena Parking

UK Athletics’ goal is to provide a safe parking environment for all ticket holders. Purchasing a game ticket is required for the purchase of a parking permit. All spectators will be provided efficient guidelines for safe entry into parking areas as it relates to individual parking permits.  The following protocols will be in place for the 2020-21 season:

  • Parking lots are anticipated to open two hours prior to tip off for spectators
  • Tailgating is not permitted in 2020-2021
  • Spectators will be strongly required to physical distance, wear a proper mask, hand sanitize etc.
  • No tents, generators, grills or trailers are permitted
  • Informational signs will be placed that will encourage policies outlined above
  • Season ticket holders will be encouraged to arrive when lots open and enter the arena to avoid crowds
  • All surrounding lots that sell parking permits independently are encouraged to follow the same guidelines as UKAD and Rupp Arena

MBB Permit Parking

Parking Map

Game Day Changes Rupp Arena

Due to the health and safety protocols implemented relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, UK Athletics has made several changes to the Kentucky men’s basketball game-day experience at Rupp Arena. This includes adjustments and/or elimination of some popular game-day traditions. UK Athletics is providing these guidelines:

  • Fans are asked to perform self-screening evaluations and to stay home if they feel sick or may have been exposed to COVID-19
  • Parking lots will open two hours before tip-off
  • Ticket holders will be encouraged to arrive when lots open and enter the arena to avoid crowds
  • All surrounding lots that sell parking permits independently will be encouraged to follow the same guidelines as UKAD and Rupp Arena
  • All of these regulations are subject to change, especially if guidelines are not followed. UK Athletics thanks fans in advance for complying with these necessary game-day policies and helping to promote the health and safety of our events


Seating Configurations Rupp Arena

  • UK Athletics will limit the overall capacity of Rupp Arena to no more than 15%
  • Seating pods will be arranged so that ticket holders have no one sitting directly in front or behind them. We will also allow a minimum of 3 empty seats between pods on the same row to create physical separation between groups
  • Signage will be placed throughout the arena to remind spectators of policies, provide guidance and to promote physical distancing. Spectators are expected to follow all local and state recommended guidelines while at UK Athletics events
  • Student seating information will be communicated as those plans are finalized


Mobile Ticketing Rupp Arena

  • UK Athletics has transitioned to mobile ticketing for all home events this season. Mobile ticketing enhances convenience and safety for all fans while providing flexibility and safeguarding against counterfeit tickets. Mobile tickets will provide quick and contactless entry to Rupp Arena, which is the most sanitary and efficient way to enter the arena.
  • Tickets and parking permits will be issued via mobile delivery. Ticket holders will access their tickets on their phones and can transfer them electronically to other members in their party when necessary.
  • Spectators will be strongly encouraged to save their mobile tickets and parking passes in their smart phone’s digital wallet prior to arriving at Rupp Arena. Spectators may visit the ticket office at the arena if they require assistance with accessing their tickets once they arrive.
  • FAQs and resources to learn more are available at UKathletics.com/mobiletickets


  • At the main box office, every other ticket window will be closed to promote line separation for customers and internally for box office staff. Stanchions will be arranged for one-way traffic routes at the ticket windows and six-foot markers will be placed on the ground for those waiting in line.
  • Advance ticket sales will be promoted. With limited capacity, UKAD does not anticipate selling walk-up tickets on day of event.
  • If sales are necessary, signage will promote payment cards as the preferred method of payment in order to limit handling of cash. Tickets can be delivered to customers via SMS as opposed to hard stock.
  • The main box office will be open for ticket resolution.

UK Athletics cautions against purchasing tickets thorough unauthorized sellers. Only tickets purchased directly through the following outlets are guaranteed to be valid:


Entering Rupp Arena

  • Doors will open 90 minutes prior to tip-off
  • Ticket holders are encouraged to arrive early
  • Physical distancing reminders will be visible in gate lines and points of entry to allow the proper distance between fans
  • All bags must adhere to the UK Athletics Clear Bag policy. All bags and items will be searched. To avoid additional touch points, fans are strongly encouraged to not bring unnecessary bags to Rupp Arena
  • A valid ticket, UK or Rupp Arena issued credential is required to enter Rupp Arena on game day
  • Security posture at all Rupp Arena entrances will remain the same as in the past with the security check taking place prior to tickets being scanned
    • Game Day: Spectators will self-screen prior to entry based on an updated list of symptoms from the CDC.
      • Staff at arena entrances will ask a few simple questions similar to “Did you pass the daily screening” or “Are you feeling okay today?”. Additionally, staff at arena entrances will ask for confirmation that the spectator’s mask meets all mask requirements
      • If “No” is answered to any of the above questions, entry will be denied


Physical Distancing Rupp Arena

  • Physical distancing measures have been put in place at Rupp Arena, including physically distance lines for concessions, bathrooms and other spots where lines generally form
  • Please keep a distance of at least six feet between yourself and other fans who are not in your party. Signs around Rupp Arena will serve as a reminder
  • Please sit only in your assigned seat. This will help to maintain the required physical distancing between fans in the area bowl
  • Please be aware of physical distancing protocols when on the concourse area and when entering or exiting the arena


Hand Sanitizing/Washing Rupp Arena

There will be a number of cleaning and disinfecting opportunities in place throughout Rupp Arena.

  • Barriers will be placed between staff and spectators when physical distancing is not possible
  • Employees will wipe down workstations regularly
  • Doors will be propped open when possible
  • Signage around the area will remind fans of regulations
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be readily available throughout Rupp Arena

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