Q: What is a Booster/Representative of Athletics Interest? (Bylaw 13.02.13)

A: An individual who is known (or has been known by UK) to:

  • Participate in or was a member of an organization promoting UK’s athletics program;
  • Make financial contributions to UK?s athletics program or booster club;
  • Assist in the recruitment of prospects;
  • Provide benefits to student-athletes, or
  • Has otherwise been involved in promoting UK athletics.

Once a person is identified as such a representative, the person retains that identity indefinitely.

Q: What is a prospect? (Bylaw 13.02.11)

A: A prospect is a student who has started ninth grade classes. In addition, a student who has not yet started ninth grade classes becomes a prospect if the institution provides any benefit not available to general prospective students.

Q: May a booster telephone a prospect, or send a letter of congratulations to a prospect AFTER they have signed a National Letter of Intent? (Bylaw

A: No. Remember a prospect remains a prospect until they enroll in school. Therefore, telephoning or writing to a prospective student-athlete by a booster is not permissible. The only permissible contact with a prospective student-athlete is for employment purposes initiated by the prospective student-athlete. Under such circumstances the booster should always speak with a member of the Compliance office staff. This ensures that no violations occur.

Q: May a booster employ or arrange for employment of a prospective student-athlete? (Bylaw 13.2.4;

A: Yes. This is the only exception that allows a booster to contact a prospect before the prospect enrolls at UK. A booster can arrange employment before the completion of the prospect’s senior year of high school. However, employment CAN NOT begin until after completion of the prospect’s senior year in high school. Compensation must be paid only for work performed and at a rate commensurate with the going rate in that locality for services of like character.

Q: Is it permissible for a booster to provide a prospect with summer employment transportation? (Bylaw

A: No. Although, the arrangement of employment for a prospect after their senior year in high school is permissible, providing transportation to a prospect is not. Bylaw states that an institution or boosters of the institution can not provide free transportation to and from a summer job unless providing transportation is the employers established policy for all employees.

Q: Can a booster employ an enrolled student-athlete during the academic year? (Bylaw

A: Yes. There is now legislation that allows student-athletes to be employed. There are simple guidelines that the student-athlete and employer must follow before the employment is permissible. Failure to complete the guidelines would result in an NCAA violation. Contact the Compliance Office prior to any employment of student-athletes.

Q: If a booster has employed a prospective student-athlete the summer after graduation, can the prospect continue to work once they enroll in the institution? (Bylaw

A: No. One of the guidelines of this legislation is that the student-athlete has to spend one academic year in residence at the certifying institution to be eligible to work during the academic year.

Q: Can a booster group place an advertisement that is targeted at local prospective student-athletes in a newspaper or other publication? (Bylaw A: No. It is not permissible to place such an advertisement even if the advertisement does not specifically mention UK.

Q: Is it permissible for a booster to pay the registration fees associated with summer sports camps for a prospect? (Bylaw

A: No. A booster may not pay any fees associated with sports camps.

Q: Can a booster provide a gift to the prospect, or treat a prospect to a free dinner? (Bylaw 13.01.5)

A: No. It is not permissible to give the prospect a gift or treat him to a meal. After they become an enrolled student-athlete it would be permissible to invite them over for an occasional meal that must be served at the booster’s home.

Q. Is UK responsible for the actions of its representatives and their support groups? (Bylaw 2.8.1)

A: Yes! UK is subject to penalties for all violations committed by any athletic representative or support organization. As always, if you have questions regarding these issues or any other concerns please contact the Compliance office at 859-257-8604. Or, for reference to specific rules and regulations as written in the NCAA Division I manual, please see: .

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