Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to use a computer to select my seats?

We highly encourage you to select your seats through your My UK Athletics Account, using the Kentucky Football Virtual Venue tool, as this will be the fastest method and will give you the most control in making your selections. In doing so, you’ll be able to see exactly what seats are available along with views from the seats. If you are unable to access the internet at your appointment time, you may give your account information (Account ID and password) to a delegate to select on your behalf. Alternatively, you may select seats over the phone or in person at the Joe Craft Center.

Can someone else choose seats for me?

Yes. If you want to designate another person to choose seats for you, it is your responsibility to provide that person with your Account ID, password and seating preferences. Your delegate will need this information in order to log-in to your My UK Athletics Account, or to select seats over the phone or in person at the Joe Craft Center.

Will I be able to see what seats are available before my appointment time?

The Kentucky Football Virtual Venue allows you to become familiar with sections, seating areas, pricing levels, amenities and benefits, but does not show live seating inventory. You will only be able to access the live selection site by logging in to your My UK Athletics Account once your appointment time comes.

Do I need to set up a My UK Athletics Account?

No. Every season ticket holder already has an existing account. Do not create a new one. Visit the My UK Athletics Account log-in page and use your Account ID or email address and your account password. If you do not know this information, or you’re having difficulty logging-in, please contact the UK Ticket Office at (800) 928-2287. Accessing your My UK Athletics Account is the first step in the process, so it’s best to try this in advance. To make sure you are in the correct account, you should see your current season ticket locations under “Manage My Tickets”. Once your appointment time has been assigned, you will also see the “Upgrade Seats” box on the left-hand column in your account.

How many seats can I upgrade?

The Kentucky Football Virtual Venue will allow you to do an even exchange for the number of seats you have. If you are interested in ordering more or less tickets, please contact the UK Ticket Office at (800) 928-2287 during your appointment time. If you have already ordered new or additional season tickets, you will see these in your account to select. If you have multiple seat blocks in your account, you may choose to upgrade them at the same time, or you may upgrade them separately.

How many times can I upgrade my seats?

Once you have selected and confirmed your seats online, your appointment window will close. The online system will only allow you to upgrade each seat block one time. If you need to change your seats after you have finalized your selections, please call the UK Ticket Office at (800) 928-2287.

How long will I have to upgrade my seats?

Once your appointment window opens, you can look at live inventory and make your seat selections up until the process is complete later this summer. You do not have to choose seats right away; however, we do recommend selecting as close to your appointment time as you can. Approximately every 15 minutes during the day, another small group of ticket holders will enter the process and be able to upgrade their seats. Keep in mind that inventory naturally changes with each seat upgrade that is completed.

Will I be able to select seats next to my friends?

Ticket holders who wish to sit near each other may coordinate and select seats at the same time, once each account holders’ appointment window has opened. Each ticket holder will still need to log-in to their own account and members of the group can then make selections simultaneously.

What if I encounter problems when selecting online?

If you run into any issues when selecting your seats, please call the UK Ticket Office at (800) 928-2287. Appointment times will only be scheduled to begin during office hours, so that we may assist you with issues in a timely manner.

What if I require accessible seating?

Ticket holders who require accessible/disability seating should call the UK Ticket Office at (800) 928-2287 at or after your appointment time, or visit the Joe Craft Center ticket office. A representative who is knowledgeable about accessible options will assist you, as these locations are not available online.

Can I upgrade my letter winner tickets online?

Letter winner tickets are not available to be upgraded online. Those wishing to change the location of their letter winner seats should call the UK Ticket Office at (800) 928-2287 at or after their appointment time. All seats in sections 101-102 are assigned and managed by the K Club Varsity Letter Association and are not available as part of the seat upgrade process. For more information on the letter winner ticket policy, click here.

Can I upgrade my UK Faculty/Staff tickets online?

Yes, these seats are available for online upgrade; however, the donation and ticket price that displays during selection may not necessarily reflect UK Faculty/Staff discounts. If selecting online, a UK Ticket Office representative will adjust your total ticket cost to reflect your discounts within 2 business days of your selection. The UK Faculty/Staff discount applies to a maximum of two (2) tickets. K Fund donation discounts do not apply to premium seating areas (suites, loge boxes & club seats).

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