Men's Basketball Meet Isaac Humphries

A new season brings new players and new stories to tell. Over the next several weeks, will be profiling Kentucky’s newcomers in its annual and exclusive “Meet the Wildcats” series. Each story will be accompanied with video. Next up is the laid-back 7-footer from Australia, Isaac Humphries.
A 7-foot basketball player from Australia is walking around the Kentucky campus, but he’s not at the Joe Craft Center. Instead, he’s walking around in the UK music department looking for something specific: a piano.
He hasn’t played in a while at this point, and he’s looking for an outlet, a way to clear his mind. Finally, he finds a piano and puts out a little “jam” and all is well again.
Basketball wasn’t Isaac Humphries’ first love. The performing arts were — and continue to be — something he is passionate about.
It started when he was 5 years old. His older sister, Claudia, danced a lot, and while he never got too into dancing, he did pick up playing music and singing.
“I remember going to a school near my house and it didn’t offer any kind of music stuff,” Humphries said. “I didn’t even know I liked it, but apparently I did. So, my mom moved me to a different school, kind of a performing arts elementary school.”
From there, Humphries, then a “normal-sized human,” as he says, began doing plays such as “Oliver” and “The King and I.”
“I think I was better at singing,” he said. “Acting kind of comes with it, but if you don’t do it enough you get kind of embarrassed and it’s kind of weird. Singing just came so naturally. I’ve never really had a singing lesson in my life. I guess I’m pretty good. I think I do alright for how little preparing I’ve had.”

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