All interviews with University of Kentucky student-athletes or staff members must be arranged through the Media Relations office. Media should never contact a player or coach directly.
In general, player and staff interviews are conducted prior to or after practices, after contests or by phone and will be available to all UK media upon request.  
All pre-contest and telephone interviews must be made at least 24 hours in advance through the Media Relations office. Interviews will be scheduled when student-athletes and staff’s schedules allow.
For post-event interviews, there is generally a 10-minute cooling off period, during which time the players shower and dress. Some sports such as men’s and women’s basketball and football may use a 20-minute cooling off period. Interviews will either be conducted on the playing field or at a press conference, depending on the sport.
Playing fields, team locker rooms and other team quarters are private team areas. Media members are not permitted in these areas unless accompanied by appropriate University personnel.

Practice/Press Conferences

Kentucky practices will be closed to the media unless otherwise specified by the Media Relations office. The Media Relations office will accept requests from media to attend practice.
Upon entering any practice facility, cell phones must be on silent.
Media wishing to to shoot video and still photography must contact the Media Relations office for permission.  

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