Posters are free if they are picked up at the welcome center located in the Joe Craft Center at 338 Lexington Ave. We strongly encourage those in the Lexington area to pick up the posters/schedule cards due to the amount of requests we receive.
If you would like to receive schedule cards via postal mail, please email with the sport you are requesting.
You may also submit your order online via this form. Mail-in order forms and checks will no longer be accepted.
* The maximum number of posters is 12. The maximum number of schedule cards is 10.

UPDATE: We are currently sold out of men’s basketball posters and will no longer accept online orders. 

2016-17 Posters


Men’s Basketball (SOLD OUT)





Men’s Golf

Men’s Soccer

Men’s Tennis



Swimming & Diving

Track & Field


Women’s Basketball

Women’s Golf

Women’s Soccer

Women’s Tennis

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