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The University of Kentucky Athletic Department places a high priority on nutrition as an integral part of performance, as well as the overall health of our student athletes.  With a student athlete’s demanding daily schedule, optimal nutrition can be difficult to achieve.  What, when, and how often our student athletes eat and drink directly impacts their performance, and we strive to provide strategies to help our athletes achieve their nutritional goals despite their hectic schedules.

The sports nutrition program is committed to helping student athletes optimize their overall health and performance.  Our goal is to provide our student athletes with the nutritional knowledge they need to not only achieve their athletic goals, but also maintain healthy eating habits throughout their lives.  The principles of the program are to focus on educating, fueling, and counseling our student athletes to train consistently and compete at their highest level.   Our Team Dietitian works directly with the Sports Medicine Department, the Strength and Conditioning Staff, and the Training Table Staff to provide the most complete care to our student athletes. 

Proper nutrition gives our athletes energy to train and compete at an elite level, the nutrients needed for proper recovery from activity, and decreases time lost due to injury or illness.

Services provided by our team dietitian:

  • Individual counseling and meal planning
  • Team and small group meetings, including field trips to the grocery store
  • Cooking classes
  • Assessment of fluid intake and hydration levels
  • Individual body composition analysis, and goal setting from these measures
  • Design of training table menus
  • Recovery nutrition
  • Travel nutrition planning
  • Game Day nutrition planning
  • Design of meal plans for those with dietary restrictions
  • Evaluates the legality, safety, and efficacy of dietary supplements

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