Women's Tennis

Jan. 25, 2014

DURHAM, N.C. – The University of Kentucky women’s tennis team fell to No. 10 Duke, 4-0, in the regional championship match on Saturday, Jan. 25 at the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Kick-Off Weekend hosted by Duke University in Durham, N.C.

“We faced a high level team today that was more consistent at making disciplined choices during the match and closing out their leads,” Kentucky head coach Carlos Drada said. “My team showed great effort today and we are hungry to get back onto the courts.”

No. 56 Cece Witten and Kelsey Dieters fell in No. 1 doubles to Beatrice Capra and Hanna Mar, 6-2. Duke claimed the doubles point after a well-fought match between Marianna Jodoin and Alyssa Smith, and Kentucky’s Kirsten Lewis and Stephanie Fox. Jodoin and Smith won 6-4.

The Wildcats hoped to have better luck in the singles competition, but Duke controlled the courts. Dieters and Fox tried to spark a comeback, winning the first set in their singles matches, but their effort wasn’t enough.

Freshman Taylor Lederman dropped her match in the No. 5 singles position to Jodoin, 6-0, 7-5, and Duke jumped out to a 2-0 lead. Smith expanded Duke’s lead to 3-0 after her 6-2, 6-3 win over senior Caitlin McGraw. Court No. 3 clinched the match for the Blue Devils as Dieters lost to No. 45 Ester Goldfield.

“Everyone fought very hard this weekend and had a lot of energy from court to court,” Dieters said. “Each match was a great learning experience and we are looking forward to applying what we’ve learned to help us succeed in future matches.”

No. 42 Kentucky falls to 3-1 on the season. The Wildcats will travel to Penn State on Saturday, Feb. 1 before returning home for a doubleheader against Marshall University and Morehead State, Feb. 8.

Tennis Match Results

Kentucky vs. Duke

Jan 25, 2014 at Durham, N.C.

(Sheffield Indoor Tennis Center)


 #10 Duke 4, #42 Kentucky 0


Singles competition

1. #3 Beatrice Capra (DU) vs. #108 Nadia Ravita (UK) 6-1, 3-5, unfinished

2. #45 Ester Goldfeld (DU) def. Kelsey Dieters (UK) 3-6, 6-1, 1-0 (10-5)

3. #49 Hanna Mar (DU) vs. E. Morin-Kougoucheff (UK) 6-2, 5-4, unfinished

4. Alyssa Smith (DU) def. Caitlin McGraw (UK) 6-2, 6-3

5. Marianne Jodoin (DU) def. Taylor Lederman (UK) 6-0, 7-5

6. Rachel Kahan (DU) vs. Stephanie Fox (UK) 4-6, 4-2, unfinished

Doubles competition

1. Beatrice Capra/Hanna Mar (DU) def. #56 CeCe Witten/Kelsey Dieters (UK) 6-2

2. #14 Annie Mulholland/Ester Goldfeld (DU) vs. E. Morin-Kougoucheff/Aldila Sutjiadi (KENT) 4-1, unfinished

3. Marianne Jodoin/Alyssa Smith (DU) def. Kirsten Lewis/Stephanie Fox (UK) 6-4

Match Notes:

Kentucky 3-1; National ranking #42

Duke 3-0; National ranking #10

Order of finish: Doubles (1,3); Singles (5,4,2)

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