Rules Regarding Contact With Currently Enrolled Student-Athletes

You may not provide a student-athlete any benefit or special arrangement that would not be offered to the rest of the student population. Such a benefit may cause a student-athlete to lose his or her eligibility. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • You may not entertain student-athletes, their friends or family. (Bylaw; 16.2.2;
  • You may not use the name or picture of an enrolled student-athlete to advertise, recommend or promote any product or service of any kind. (Bylaw;;;;;
  • You may not provide awards or gifts to a student-athlete. (Bylaw 16.02.4; 16.1.3;
  • You may not allow a student-athlete to use your telephone to make free calls, or allow use of a free or discounted automobile. (Bylaw

You can however, invite an enrolled student-athlete to your home for an occasional home cooked meal, but you may not take a student-athlete to a restaurant. Any contact or planned activity with an enrolled student-athlete should be cleared by the Compliance Office.

For reference to specific rules and regulation listed above, please see: .

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